This document forms part of your agreement when joining Katie Philpott School of Dance (KPSD) – it is effective from 26 April 2023 and can be changed by KPSD at any time.

Registration is open to all subject to the following conditions.

Any parent or carer wishing to speak in detail about their child’s progress may contact KPSD Principal Katie Philpott via email Katie@katiephilpott.co.uk or telephone 07961 139298.

Registration / attendance

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify KPSD, in writing, of any changes to the information on the registration form, such as the student’s emergency contact details or medical information. Contact information can also be changed on the Customer Portal.

Regular attendance is expected by all students and is monitored by class registers. Lack of regular attendance has a huge impact on learning and will affect progress and exams.

It is expected that all students will not attend another dance school without prior consent from KPSD.

Students wishing to leave KPSD must give four weeks written notice. Fees are payable until notice is received.


The wearing of the correct KPSD school uniform is an essential part of dance training and gives the students a sense of belonging and being correctly equipped and dressed for class. Please ensure your child wears their uniform for all classes and a full list can be found HERE.

Long hair must be neat and tidy in a bun for ballet and all other classes in a neat ponytail or plaits. No jewellery please (small ear studs are safe to wear).

Parent/guardian responsibility

Children must arrive and be collected on time. It is important for students to arrive on time as it allows the group to settle as soon as the class begins. Students will be supervised during class time only and parents/guardians must ensure the safety of their children in the waiting, changing and toilet areas. Children must not be left unsupervised before or after their class.

The responsibility lies with the parent/guardian as to the fitness of the student to attend class and you must inform Katie or the class teacher if the student has an injury or medical condition.

It is important that teachers are aware of any learning difficulties the student may have, g. Dyslexia, Autism etc. so we can provide the best possible teaching methods.

Parent/guardians must inform KPSD of any allergies or conditions and should inform us of any actions to be taken.

Class protocol

Dancing is a physical skill. The teacher may guide movements by touch. This will always be in a professional manner and the intention clear.


Students, parents and staff must of treat each other with mutual respect at all times. Courteous, kind and polite behaviour is expected so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from being part of a professional dance school. Disruptive, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

Term dates

KPSD opens during Kirklees term times only and our weeks generally run Monday to Saturday. Term dates will be posted in email newsletters, social media and on our website.

Social media

Please check your emails and our school Facebook page and website for all regular updates and information. We also have a private Facebook group for students and their families and a Uniform Exchange private Facebook group.

There will occasionally be photographs and filming. By signing the registration form, you give permission for your child’s image to appear on our social media, website or promotional material – please speak to Katie if you wish to opt out.

Open Week

All classes are open to view at the end of each full term to ensure parents can monitor their child’s progress.


ISTD examinations are held at the school regularly with students being entered when they have been assessed by their teacher and are technically ready. Students can always opt out of exams and they will move up to the next grade along with the rest of the class.


KPSD holds a spectacular show every two years at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. All students are encouraged to participate but it is not mandatory. We also hold a Choreographic Cup and Freestyle Show at the LBT where students are invited to prepare a routine in any dance genre as a solo, duet or group piece. We also take part in various local community performances, fetes, parades and shows throughout the year.


Classes run over 39 weeks of the year (normal school term times) - fees are collected by direct debit on the 1st of every month over 12 months of the year. This spreads the cost for our parents/guardians. There are no refunds for missed classes except in cases of long-term illness/injury at the discretion of the Principal. We require 4 weeks’ notice to cancel a class.

Monthly fees

30 mins: £17

45 mins: £18.75

1 hr: £21

1 Hr 15 mins: £25

I hr 30 mins: £29.25


KPSD accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings while on the premises.

Whilst the greatest care is taken over the safety of all students, KPSD accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a class or on the premises.

KPSD responsibilities

All teachers at KPSD are fully qualified with accreditation from appropriate bodies, hold a first aid qualification and are DBS checked.

Every student’s emergency number will be kept on the register. However, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure this is kept up to date.

If one of our buildings needs to be evacuated (i.e. fire or other alarms going off) all teachers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities. The teachers will guide the students to the arranged meeting point where a register will be called before students are permitted to leave or the class will continue. Any other people in the building must make their own way from the building using the nearest fire door. If any other children are in the building, they are the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

It is the school’s responsibility to keep a fully-equipped First Aid box.

In case of an incident, an accident/incident report will be made.

All personal data will be held in line with the KPSD’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy as below.

Parent/guardian Consent

In the event of a medical emergency where a parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the parent/guardian authorizes KPSD to seek medical advice for the child.

In the event of a medical emergency, the parent/guardian authorizes KPSD to administer first aid.

If required, the school will contact the emergency services first, then the parent/guardian of the student involved by the telephone number on the class registers.

Consent is required for the students to have photographs and videos taken at KPSD or performing at any of our events. These images are used externally on our website, advertising posters and on social media and to produce a DVD of our shows.

It is the nature of dance teaching that sometimes it is necessary for the teachers have to physical contact with the student, to help them gain understanding of where the body should be or where they should feel a certain stretch to aid correct positioning and posture. Consent is required for the teachers to have physical contact with the students.

Consent is required to for a member of staff to assist students under 6 years old to the toilet if an accompanying adult is not available.


This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy sets out how KPSD uses and protects any information that you give us. KPSD is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should KPSD ask you to provide information by which you can be identified, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. Data is secured on password-protected systems. It is not stored at the public / church venues which are used as classroom and studios.

KPSD may change this policy from time to time by updating the website page. This policy is effective from 19th April 2023.

Type of data KPSD collects / reason for processing data

GROUP 1 - Customer (parent/guardian)

Name – identification

Email – contact and invoicing

Telephone numbers – contact (including emergencies)

GROUP 2 - Student

Name – identification

Date of Birth – assessment of class suitability and for exam registrations

Telephone numbers – contact (including emergencies)

Medical conditions – to aid teaching & in case of emergencies

Given consents - data protection and child safety

Gender - required for exams and productions

ISTD PIN number - examinations


GROUP 3 - 3rd party colleagues (teaching & communications staff)

Name – identification

Email address – contact

Telephone numbers – contact

Bank details – payment

First Aid qualifications - safety of students and as proof of safeguarding

Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) clearance - as proof of safeguarding


GROUP 4 - Volunteer helpers with DBS clearance

Required for safeguarding of students during productions/events.

Name – identification

Email address – contact

Telephone numbers – contact

DBS clearance – as proof of safeguarding

Chaperone Licence Details – as proof of safeguarding

Who has access to the data

This table show the type of personal details and who has access to them:

Data Group Personnel

Group 1 KPSD Principal & teaching staff

Group 2 KPSD Principal & teaching staff

Group 3 KPSD Principal

Group 4 KPSD Principal

Where is the data held

This section details storage of data in digital format, storage of data on a physical form (i.e. paper) retention

DANCEBIZ software, parent/carer email contact list, ISTD PIN number, name and gender shared with ISTD for examinations.

Data retention and deletion

The data collected will be retained while the student is enrolled into classes. However, a parent/guardian has the right to have the data changed or removed at any time. It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure that KPSD is kept up to date with any changes to personal details.

Personal data will be retained for up to 18 months after students/customers have stopped attending classes before being deleted.

Personal details used in events (e.g. lists produced during exams and productions) will be retained for no longer than 6 months after the event has finished before being deleted.

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