KPSD Covid-19 Health and Safety Statement


The wellbeing, health and safety of our students and our staff are paramount at KPSD.

We have prepared this guidance in line with recommendations from the Government and the ISTD, our governing body.

These guidelines are constantly evolving and are therefore subject to change at short notice. We will endeavour to keep you updated with any changes in advance, via email and social media, however we reserve the right to amend our policies at short notice.

Please do not bring your child to their class if they, or any member of your family, are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or any other infectious disease. We reserve the right to refuse student entry in the unlikely event that we believe it is not in their best interests or the interests of fellow students or teaching staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact Katie if you have any queries


In sending your child to any of our classes, all parents and carers enter a formal agreement to abide by the Health and Safety rules set out below.

How will things be different at KPSD?

  • KPSD class sizes are limited to a maximum 15 students per class in the larger halls of Wellhouse Moravian Church and St. Mary’s and a maximum of 12 at the Zion Baptist Church and the small hall at St Mary’s. This is to enable social distancing at all times during class.
  • Timetables will be structured with a minimum 10 minute break between each class that requires a changeover of pupils, to allow for thorough antibacterial cleaning of surfaces including floors, barres, door handles, toilets etc.
  • The break between classes will also allow time for drop off / pick up (see below) and avoid the need for parents to congregate outside the buildings.
  • Windows/doors will be open to allow ventilation of the studios.


How can I prepare my child for their class?

  • All students must arrive IN THEIR FULL UNIFORM with minimal extra clothing where possible, weather-dependent.
  • Please provide younger pupils with slip on shoes/wellies that they can easily put on by themselves. This will aid quicker exits at the end of class and minimise close contact between pupil and teacher.
  • Please ensure hair is tidy, either in a ponytail or bun.
  • In their dance bag, please supply them with a pack of tissues and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • All students should bring a drink in a sealed bottle – no kitchen facilities will be available.
  • Please discuss the new routine and rules with them so they are aware how things will be different to the last time they came to class.
  • Please tell them not to be concerned and their teachers will be on hand to help them get used to the new routines.


How will I drop off my child?

  • Students will access all venues through the main entrance (and will exit through the fire doors).
  • Wait outside the buildings (socially distanced) until your teacher calls you in. Do not wait in any of the entrance halls.
  • Students over the age of 11 years/year 7 upwards to wear masks whilst waiting to enter class and upon entering and exiting the studio. Please enter and exit one at a time.
  • Parents will drop off their child and leave once the teacher has collected the students – please do not arrive more than five minutes prior to the class time. If you do arrive early, please wait in your vehicle where possible.
  • We ask that only one parent or carer drops the child off.
  • Please ensure you arrive promptly for your child’s class and check your timetable carefully as all class times will have changed.
  • We will be operating very strict start and finish times so that cleaning can be carried out in between classes.
  • Parents are kindly asked not to enter the building at any time. If it is absolutely necessary to enter, for example, accompanying a young pupil to their first class, please ensure a mask is worn at all times.
  • Teachers will wear masks in between classes at drop off and pick up times and at any times where social distancing cannot be met, ie to tie shoe laces for young pupils etc.
  • Please direct any queries through Katie by email or telephone as the teachers will not have time in between classes.


What is the routine for students on arrival?

  • Every student must use hand sanitizer on arrival which will be available on entry.
  • Each student will proceed to a coloured disk in an allocated area and change their shoes / take off outer clothing. These items will be left with their disk.
  • The students will not be permitted physical contact with other students or the teacher.
  • Please note: The usual parent waiting room/changing room at Wellhouse will be out of bounds until further notice.


How will the classes be run?

  • Students will enter the main studios one-by-one and again move straight to a coloured disk on the floor - that will be their space throughout the class to ensure the 2m social-distancing guidelines can be followed.
  • Students may go to the toilet and wash their hands but only one-by-one. Toilets will be cleaned after every class.
  • Teaching strategies, including adaptations to maintain social-distancing, will be developed and constantly evaluated and amended in line with guidance from the Government and ISTD, for example:
    o There will be no physical contact between teacher and student, the teacher will demonstrate all positioning and moves where adjustment is required by the student.
    o Ballet students must remain at the same position on the barre throughout class.


How will I collect my child after class?

  • Please do not arrive more than five minutes before the end of your child’s class. If this is unavoidable, please wait in your vehicle where possible.
  • At the end of the class, students will change their shoes and collect their belongings.
  • One at a time, they will then use a hand sanitizer available at the exit and their teacher will ensure they are collected by a parent or carer.
  • Please do not enter the building at any time or congregate around the doorways.

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