icon acrobatics2Arcrobatic Arts

The classes (Junior 5-8 years / Inters 9-11 years / Seniors 12+) will include safe and effective development of balancing, limbering and tumbling, combining dance styles such as jazz, modern, contemporary and lyrical. Together with our specially-training teacher, dancers will develop their technique with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements and also build strength and flexibility.




icon adult2Adult classes

A range of classes specifically for adults (ladies and gents) to develop or learn new skills in dance and movement and improve overall fitness, core strength and mobility.

We have a weekly pilates class and beginners and advanced tap classes available, all welcome, with an emphasis on having fun and socialising.

Check out the adult classes timetable.

icon duck2Disco Duck

(2-4 years)

 Disco Duck offers pre-schoolers the perfect opportunity to dip their toes into the world of dance.

KPSD is the first school in the region to provide the Disco Duck syllabus which is designed to develop children’s rhythm, timing, balance and co-ordination. Our classes also aim to improve concentration and self-esteem through the power of dance with catchy tunes and most importantly, lots of fun!

The 30-minute sessions are held on Thursdays at 10am and Mondays at 1.30pm at the Wellhouse Moravian Church, hosted by Candy Wilman (AISTD Dip RAD Teaching Cert’) and the price is £3.50 per class.  If you are interested contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enrol.


(3-4 years)

These classes are designed for pre-school children, introducing three to four-year-olds to the wonderful world of dance.  We combine the teachers’ creativity with the children’s imagination to give them a taste of different dance styles and to also enjoy the freedom of expressive movement that music and dance inspires.

We work with familiar and much-loved music, from nursery rhymes to classical pieces and use basic dance steps to build confidence.  The classes help young children learn to love dance both as individual dancers and as part of a group.


(4 years +)

This is where we make dreams a reality; giving young children the opportunity to become budding ballerinas, whether it’s for an hour a week or a lifetime!

Ballet technique is at the core of every dance style and builds the dancer’s strength, stamina and agility as well as developing their artistic and musical expression.  We follow the ISTD Imperial Ballet syllabus providing a sound foundation in technique, posture and graceful movement.  Children wishing to pursue examinations will be safely led through a programme of progressive awareness of the culture and technique of classical ballet and graded via training and assessment.

NB Please note, these classes are equally suitable for children who do not wish to complete the examinations process.

icon modern theatre2MODERN THEATRE

(4 years +)

Our Modern Theatre Dance syllabus has been inspired and influenced by great choreographers of the stage and screen.

In these classes, students develop core dance skills such as self expression, posture, timing and rhythmic awareness which are transferable to other performance genres.  The grading structure ensures the students develop their own physical ability to communicate through movement in an expressive and artistic way, while also building dance technique and self confidence as a solo performer.  These classes also develop the students’ natural range of movement, sense of line, use of space and their appreciation and interpretation of varying musical styles.

icon tap2TAP

(4 years +)

Tap remains a highly popular form of dance and is great fun for children and adults alike.

The dance style is a great form of exercise and develops a keen sense of rhythm to a variety of musical genres from the golden age of Fred and Ginger to the funky sounds of Stomp!  The classes follow graded examination syllabuses and students have the opportunity to work towards vocational qualifications in preparation for teaching or professional dancer training.

Please note, as with ballet, there is no requirement to take exams and tap can be purely enjoyed for pleasure and health!

icon jazz2JAZZ

(11 years +)

Jazz is a fun and exciting form of dance and also help students develop strength and flexibility.

The classes involve a structured and safe combination of warm up and limbering up exercises and develop a range of movement incorporating different musical styles from funk to soul.  The students take part in both freestyle routines choreographed by the teacher and / or follow the established ISTD syllabus of Bronze, Silver and Gold Jazz Awards.

icon street2STREET DANCE

(4 years +)

These classes are similar in structure to the Jazz class, using safe warm up and limbering up routines. 

As the most current dance style, our classes incorporate the latest choreographic styles from the pop world and the latest music hits.  A favourite with boys and girls of all ages, street dance gives children the opportunity to perform like their pop video idols!  This class is purely for fun with no set syllabus, however we offer the opportunity to take part in our professionally staged show at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.


icon musical theatre2MUSICAL THEATRE

(6 years +)

These classes use fun games, exercises and varying techniques to develop children’s confidence as all-round performers.

The popular genre can be seen both in films and on stage.  The classes combine acting, singing and dancing and our techniques allow each child to express themselves in a comfortable and supportive environment.  We work with much-loved musicals ranging from the classics such as Oliver, Annie and Mary Poppins to songs from modern-day Disney films.  There are no examinations but the children have the chance to take part in public performances throughout the year.

icon contemporary2CONTEMPORARY

(12 years +)

This style of dance is aimed at older students as it is a more mature, technical and expressive form of dance.

Our aim is to allow the dancers to express their feelings and emotions through movement.  The genre does not follow any set pattern or steps although it borrows movements from modern, jazz and even ballet.  The classes include floor work, fall and recovery, contract and release and is a great class to develop strength and technique.  There are various performance opportunities throughout the year.

icon freestyle2FREESTYLE

(11 years +)

Freestyle is an increasingly popular dance style for the 21st century, influenced by the pop world. 

It is similar to street dance although other dance styles are also mixed in and there is no right or wrong way of performing the moves.  Dancers are encouraged to incorporate their own ideas and develop the all-round skill of creating their own choreography.  There is no pressure and the emphasis is on fun with warm ups and cool downs to all the latest hits.  This is also a non-syllabus class but the dancers take part in our shows at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.


icon cheerleader2CHEERLEADING 

(6 years +)

This is an energetic and fast-paced dance style which wouldn’t be complete without pom poms!

The style is very structured with patterns, shapes and cannon effects requiring precision timing.  Our routines are fun but technical, using popular music with sound effects.  We work on tumbling, jumps, cheers and stunt moves in a safe environment.  The genre involves developing arm technique as rigid strength and solid straight arms are crucial. This is a non syllabus class but routines are used in performances throughout the year.


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